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Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008
      Feburuary 2007 on Henoko Beach, next to a gigantic military base called Camp Schwab, Peace Music Festa 2007 was held. The beach was divided in two by sharp barbed wire and the major half was occupied by the US military forces and the tiny remaining bit had been left over for the local people and endangered species such as dugong and coral beads. This small portion, along where in the water the local people have been gaining their daily bread from, is facing destruction because of a "supposedly new" plan to build another military base to replace MCAS Futenma and needless to say, this "Peace Festa" was held to raise public voices to protest against this plan

Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008       However, what needs to be examined is not only an environmental issue, but also the colony-like situation that the local people have been forced into since the end of the Second World War. Even now, more than six decades after the war, one-third of Okinawa Island is occupied by US military forces and residents have been suffering unbearable noise from military planes constantly landing and taking off along with countless crimes committed by the US soldiers. Some of those soldiers and military officers are living in the most expensive areas of the island, where the majority of the local people could never ever afford to, and the cost of their luxurious living is looked after from the taxes we pay. Under this situation, the youth in Okinawa were determined to raise their voices to say, "We need no military bases", and support those locals trying to stop the ground work for a new base in a non-violent manner. Also by organizing this "Matsuri", all of those involved in the festival were expecting to let music fans know about this issue.

Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008       We at Smashing Mag traveled down to Okinawa to make a report of the festival and as you could see, there were lots of musicians and volunteers flew in even from Tokyo, some hundreds miles away, to support this gathering at their own expense. One of the most amazing acts was Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra as more than 30 musicians got on board to play for a couple of songs there as well as the guys of Soul Flower Union and their friends who were there not only to play music, but also to set up the stage the day before the festival and clear up the day after everything was over. These facts clearly showed that this was not just a music festival like the massive concerts booming all over Japan.

      None of the major press covered this festival which might be nothing surprising. It was the same some months later when there was the biggest ever demonstration in Okinawan history involving over 10% of the population there to protest against the textbook screening system wanting to delete the line "The Okinawan public was ordered to commit suicide by the military force in the land battle era of the Second World War" from a textbook. While local media outlets such as Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shinpo dedicated huge amounts of space in their papers to report this historic event, the major press on the main land of Japan either almost ignored this news or put a tiny article in a corner of their papers.

Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008       Despite most media opting not to cover the event, the impact of the festival was not small at all. Okinawa prefecture has one of the highest unemployment rates in Japan and, because of the insufficiency of industry there, many people are forced to accept a job related to the military forces of the US so it is not easy at for residents to raise their voice on the issue of the base. Nevertheless the tiny festival of this Peace Music Festa was born with some local reggae musicians in 2006 and last year it was not just a local thing but became a nation wide gathering of musicians from the main land as well. It may not have been a huge financial success, but as one of the very first gatherings involving music to protest against the existence of the US forces it encouraged musicians and music fans to start raising their voices on social issues which are not that familiar in this country. In that sense, it really was one of the epoch making events of music and culture here.

      There still was a doubt if we, those who living in the main land of Japan, have been responding enough to what was said there. I guess it was one of the reasons why the festival was held in Tokyo this year on the day before the memorial day of the end of the War in Okinawa.

Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008      Needless to say, it is not an easy thing to fill the venue chosen to host the event. Ueno Suijo Ongaku Do has a capacity of about 1500. In fact there was a call from one of the organizers reporting that the ticket sales were not good at all about a week before the festival. Although Soul Flower Union and Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra might be two of the top underground acts in Japan, they are not stars to attract a massive amount of attendees and you have to remember that no gig with social and political banner has ever been successful in Japan. In addition to that, the weather on the day of the festival was pretty bad. It started raining in the morning and, according to weather forecasts, the rain was going to fall even harder as the day progressed causing Ueno Suijo Ongaku Do to be half empty when the show started. It seemed like there was no hope, but the first act of the day, Kachimba 4,an acoustic set of Kachimba 1551 of a salsa outfit, gave us a glimpse of the bright sun of Okinawa with their lively music which was a good sign for the day and when Shibusa Shirazu was getting on stage, the venue was almost full.

      According to the organizer, there were about 1300 people in attendance, which was more than expected. But the matter was not simply how many people turned up. From the stage, some musicians clearly stated that we have to get rid of the US military bases from the soil of Japan through their comments or songs. One of the older acts of the day, Masao Teruya, a legendary musician of Okinawan traditional music, was telling us his experience of life as an Okinawan from the days of the liberation right after the War to the colony-like days of Okinawa which we could never learn from textbooks as such. During the set changes, there were some appeals from the local people struggling in Henoko or Takae where a tiny village of 160 people that is surrounded by a semi-tropical forest is facing another destruction of natural treasures as well as their lives by the plan of the US military forces to build 6 helicopter pads. The issue in Takae was relatively unknown up till last year when there was a gathering there inviting UA, one of the well known musicians whose reports can be checked here. There was no doubt that the voices were reaching to the audience and will be echoing to others even when the music was over.

      This year I am making some reports with the photos I took on the rainy day and hope you can see the energy of those who were involved and that you could think a bit about these ridiculous moves of the governments' destruction of our lives and nature under their excuses of national defense. My questions are there. Is it normal to have foreign military forces in an independent country? Does the word "national defense" equal the destruction of our own people and nature?
Peace Music Festa from Henoko 2008

photos by hanasan
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